Our Mission

Ventura Baptist Church exists to help people navigate their lives for the glory of God.

In order to achieve this goal we organize ourselves around four compass points: 

connect - In order to thrive each person must remain connected with his/her Creator. This is accomplished through individual prayer and Bible study. This also happens collectively on Sundays in our worship gatherings.

converse - We were not made to navigate life alone. God desires us to form and maintain relationships with others in His family. We offer a variety of opportunities designed to fuel the growth of spiritual relationships within our church family.

construct - God's church is a living organism. Each one of us has been given a directive by God to actively participate in helping His church body thrive. We accomplish this goal by investing our time, talent, treasure and tongues in order to cultivate a healthy family of God.

contact - The remedy for the souls of mankind is a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. His desire is for those of us in a relationship with Him to reach out to those living far from Him with His love and truth.