God's plan is for His people to actively participate in helping His church thrive. 

God has entrusted each person with time, talent, treasure and a tongue as

resources to help accomplish this goal of health within a church body. 

Consider the ways you can participate...

  • Time

    Time is a valuable commodity. By choosing to invest time in those who make up our church family you are making an investment that lasts into eternity. Cleaning, preparation, repairs, enhancements, meals, greeting, ushering and hospital visits are just a few of the ways you can wisely invest your time.

  • Talent

    God has gifted each of us in different ways. We provide opportunities for everyone to use their God-given talent for God's glory. Music, media, technology and teaching are a few of the opportunities available to invest your talents for God's glory.

  • treasure

    Financial generosity is a reflection of the condition of our hearts. God doesn't need our money, but He has entrusted us with financial resources for our needs and enjoyment as well as to share with others. When we give generously to God's work through His church we are making an investment of eternal significance.

  • tongue

    The tongue is powerful. It can be used to build others up or tear them down. God wants us to use our words to bring healing, unity and encouragement. The health of a church family is greatly impacted by the words we speak.