God's desire is for every person to be reconciled to Him. Every person has value to God and therefore has value to us as His church. Our community is filled with people who do not personally know of God's incredible love for them. It is our goal as a church family to actively pursue ways to reveal God's love and truth to those all across the world who are living far from their Creator.

  • blessing boxes

    Blessing boxes are designed to be a first step towards building bridges with the people of our community. A simple act of generosity and compassion can go along way in demonstrating our concern for our neighbors.

  • Radiate

    We are actively looking for opportunities to make a positive impact on the people of Ventura County. We equip individuals within our church family to radiate God's love to the people they interact with on a regular basis. Examples include providing school supplies to a classroom, providing a lunch for co-workers, providing refreshments at a sporting event or treats for local hospital workers.

  • Meaningful meals

    A great deal of togetherness happens when we take time to share a meal with someone else. Our desire is for our church family to bless those in our community by providing a shared meal. Whether it's hosting at one's home or going to a restaurant, lives can grow together by sharing a meal. 

  • Global contact

    As a church we are committed to reaching out to the ends of the earth. We support a variety of missionaries and initiatives designed to impact those living far from God throughout the world. Through prayer and financial support we are participating in God's plan to reach all people groups.